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9 Years of Service
About Our Lady College of Education

Our Vision

Our vision is, "To develop a new generation of teachers and learners for a better society". The above stated vision is targeted to produce student-teachers who are academically sound, well trained, dedicated and determined to serve the community and nation at large, environment friendly and value based intellectually well suited for the global trends and demands. Thus with our motto "Enrich and Educate" and with our mission we act with the spirit of dedication and determination to build a value - based, productive and patriotic society.

Our Mission

Our enshrined endeavor is,

  • To provide ample opportunities for the enfoldment of individual personality of the learners.
  • To train them for good citizenship.
  • To train them for leadership quality.
  • To inculcate social and moral values.
  • To train them to be socialistic, secularistic and democratic citizens (i.e.) Our Indian educational aim.
  • To provide congruous infrastructure, ample opportunities and congenial learning atmosphere.
  • To inculcate the spirit of National Mind and universal brotherhood among students and society.
  • To train them for sociability.
  • To prepare them for life oriented education which is conductive for problem-solving capacity in day-to-day life.
  • To motivate our traditional culture and heritage and cultivate the spirit of reverence and honour to our Indian National ideal 'unity in diversity'.
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  • Principal's Message

Wish you a happy and prosperous academic career for all the Parents, Students and the Faculty members of Our Lady College of Education. I feel very proud of running this B.Ed., College with the sincere and dedicated services of the teaching and non-teaching staff of this college. I wish and pray that everyone should remember, "A burning candle alone can light another one" as Rabindranath Tagore proclaimed bring forth the importance of Education.

Wish you all the best

Ln. Dr.S.Peter

My dear students,

I welcome you to Our Lady College of Education with all warmth and happiness. Our Lady College of Education will provide you everything that you seek for, in quality education. I assure you a good atmosphere that is congenial for accomplishing high academic records, besides other allied facilities. May your studies here be useful for yourself and for the nation at large. We may together make our institution one of the best in our country.

With best wishes

Mrs. P. Elizabeth Rani

Warm welcome to Parent and Students,

It is the necessity of each parent to educate their children with utmost interest as education is the birth rite of the individual child. The term Education is defined as such; "Education is the complete development of the individuality of the child So that he/she can make an original contribution to the human life according to his/her capacity". Therefore the capacity is the root of development and that can be fostered only through education and not by any means at all.

Rank Holders

B.Ed., - University Rank Holders

S.No. Name Year of Pass
1. Ms. T. Ponmozhi 2004-2005
2. Mr. S. Selvam 2005-2006
3. Ms. Abitha Begum (Phy. Sci.) 2006-2007
4. Ms. K. Malika 2007-2008
5. Ms. K. Devisri 2008-2009
6. Ms.B. Premavathy 2009-2010
7. Ms. T. Sangeetha 2010-2011
8. Ms. A. Sarada Joshi 2011-2012
8. Ms. S. Menaka 2012-2013
8. Ms. R. Vaishnavi 2013-2014
8. Ms. V. Anita 2014-2015

M.Ed., - University Rank Holders

S.No. Name Year of Pass
1. Ms T. Nirmala 2007
1. Ms S. Subha 2008-2009
2. Ms. K. Geetha 2009-2010
3. Mr. M. Daniel De Soza 2010-2011
4. Ms. P. Alamelu Kalyana Sundari 2011-2012
5. Ms. A. Iyswarya Devi 2012-2013
5. Ms. S. Lalith Sheeba Margarate 2014-2015


Our college is located in the residential area of Maduravoyal with an intention of serving the cause of social justice, ensuring equity and increasing easy access to quality higher education. Our institution has the following strength in,

  • Caring, educating and enriching the student-teachers;
  • Conducive environment for effective learning;
  • Supportive management to provide various activities;
  • Faculty with team spirit and mutual understanding for creative endeavor.

University Affilliation & Recognition


Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.,)

Master of Education (M.Ed.,)

Prevailing Opportunities:

Bright chances are there to become an autonomous institution of excellence in the field of education in the nearest future. There are ample opportunities open for conducting M.Phil and Ph.D. research courses with the status of NAAC's Assessment and Accreditation certificate. With this cherished hope and faith, we swear to strive and prove the sayings of Sri. Balakrishna Joshi, "The progress of a Nation is decided and determined in institutions where the minds of the future citizens are moulded, where the habits, attitudes and outlook of those that are to shape and preside over the destinies of the nation, are formed", to come into fruition.

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